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Gifts: Sowing and Reaping

2 Corinthians 8.13

The apostle's instructions for giving have often been found surprising, being chiefly spiritual matters.  The priority of the Gospel is emphasised even in relief offerings, and a precious list of aims and attitudes is given, bringing a reward of spiritual not fleshly enrichment.

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The City that Repented

Jonah 3.5
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The New Children of Zion

Isaiah 49 - 50.

Having already said so much about Christ and His future church, Isaiah now shows the astonishing features of the coming Gentile conversion, the unreasonableness of unbelief to be overpowered, and the infallibility of Christ especially in the upholding of His redeemed people.

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The Graces of the Christian

2 Corinthians 8.1

Six graces are listed: faith (conviction), witness, knowledge, diligence (earnestness), love for the cause and stewardship.  Then follow seven aspects of such graces that challenge the heart and show the spirit in which they are exercised.  This passage uniquely defines dedicated spiritual living.

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Christ Describes Conversion to God

Luke 15.3-4

Christ's parable of the lost sheep tracks the giving of the parable to record crowds including many hostile leaders.  He emphasises that God's mercy is to individuals, showing the divine motive, our lost condition, the costly recovery of the lost, and the Saviour's ultimate victory.

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The Redeemer Revealed

Isaiah 46 - 49

This review of four chapters begins with the fall of Babylon biblically foreshadowing the demise of this unbelieving world at the end of time (including the collapse in shame of evolution). Here also are the words of Messiah about His coming and work in the world.