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Teaching service

False Teachers - Their Manner, Methods and Motives

Titus 1.10
Gospel service

Life In A Look

Isaiah 45.22
Teaching service

Christ Purges His Temple

John 2.12

The Lord's purity cannot allow the shameful hypocrisy of Temple conduct, and by an act of divine power He casts out the commerce, and prophesies His own death and resurrection (as well as the fall of the Temple), providing lessons for spiritual living today.

Gospel service

A Battle of Desires

Deuteronomy 30.15

A final appeal of Moses to men and women about their need of God, which describes the human struggle for independence from Him - and the cost. Moses sets out the things that God bestows now and eternally, and pleads to us all to consider. 

Gospel service

Behold Your God!

Isaiah 40.9

Our society today knows so little about almighty God, having wilfully shut Him out of all consideration. But look, says the Bible, at His attributes, ways and plans. Consider the uniqueness of God and compare His actions, plans and promises with those of human society.

Good Friday

The Sufferings of Christ

Psalm 22.1