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Christian Evidences

1 John 5.1

The apostle describes seven solid evidences of the work of salvation in the true believer (different from the 'marks of grace' usually described). All provide either strong assurance, or a profound challenge in the case of those who have not yet experienced conversion to Christ.

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Why and What is Faith?

Hebrews 11.6

Of itself, faith has no merit or power to earn God's favour, or to obtain life, yet it is vital to conversion. Here is what it is not, contrasted with what it is, showing what it believes and how it stretches out to receive salvation. 

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Duty and Fruits of Brotherly Love

1 John 4.7

From the warning against false teachers, the apostle turns again to the great duty of love to fellow believers, providing fourteen compelling reasons (with benefits) for honouring this obligation. Here love is defined, its actions and activities listed, and the reasons surveyed.

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The Unseen Battle of Life

Psalm 91.1

A very remarkable presentation of the way to find God in which the psalmist uses ten illustrations in just five verses, to show (1) the human predicament - cut off from God; (2) the remedy - what God has done; (3) our response; and (4) the result.

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Christ's Final Entry into Jerusalem

Mark 11.1-11
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God's Thoughts and Ours

Isaiah 55.8-9