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Yielding Highest Esteem to God

Jude 1.24-25

This famous doxology of Jude urges us to hold God in highest esteem by looking back at what He has done, looking also at what He is currently doing, looking ahead to our entry into glory, and looking at His everlasting attributes. This is authentic worship.

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Who Cares For Your Soul?

Psalm 142.4

David, pursued by 3000 military men of Saul, has taken refuge in a mountain cave. Bereft of all help, he turns to God, and is delivered. Here he recalls his sense of helplessness in order to illustrate the realisation of spiritual isolation and loss that usually precedes conversion to God.

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Only Christ Suffices

Acts 10.43
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Back To The Shepherd

1 Peter 2.25
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Four Pillars Of Faithfulness

Jude 1.20-25

Jude provides four duties of maintaining faithfulness. First, the building upon faith ( i.e. doctrinal understanding and trust); second, praying in the Holy Spirit (what it is); third, keeping oneself in the love of God (frequently forgotten steps), and fourth, avoiding dangers.

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Why Do We Need A Saviour?

Romans 3.9