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The Parable of the Vine

John 15.1-7

Christ's instructions to the apostles defining the Christian life. He begins with the New Covenant, and how He is the true vine securing redemption for His people. He also defines 'fruit' (the essential evidence of conversion) and what it means to 'abide' in Himself.

Gospel service

What Shall I Do For You?

Mark 10.36
Teaching service

Lessons in Love

John 14.25-31

Five expressions of love for Christ all found in this passage - all being a key to ongoing assurance, and all stirring greater love. For a new year, we see Christ's words - love learns, love trusts, love identifies, love serves and love obeys.

Gospel service

Finding the Truth of Life

Proverbs 23.23

"Buy the truth" urges Solomon - a search for the explanation and meaning of life, and a relationship with the Lord. Don't sell it, as many do, for a godless life. Here is how the heart is given to God, and how eyes are opened. 

Teaching service

Keeping Spiritual Priorities

Ephesians 1.15
Gospel service

Who Shall Stand Before God?

Revelation 6.17