Booklets by Dr Masters

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Proving charismatic gifts have ceased

Does the Bible teach definitively that the charismatic gifts have ceased? Can cessationism (the view that they have ended) be proved? This booklet shows that the ceasing of revelatory and sign-gifts in the time of the apostles is clearly derived from the Word of God. Here are the six main reasons why we may be sure that apostles, prophets and their unique authenticating signs fulfilled their purpose in Bible times.

15 pages, booklet,  ISBN 978 1 899046 40 9


A Seeker's Problems

This booklet answers ten problems encountered by serious seekers. These are not questions or doubts about the faith, but personal hindrances in approaching Christ, by faith. Many seekers have been helped by the advice given here.

ISBN 9781899046249
Also available in Spanish.


Extract from this booklet

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you’

(Luke 11.9).

The purpose of this booklet is to help those who desire Christian conversion, but have run into difficulties. Perhaps you are, or have been, an earnest seeker, but you have a problem which prevents you from going to the Saviour in ­repentance, and trusting in Him for salvation. Or perhaps you have prayed for forgiveness and new life but there has been no answer to that prayer, and now you have left off trying. Various problems trouble and delay seekers, and here are some that are commonly raisedyours may be among them. The answer to the first problem will include guidelines for repentance.

1 ‘I cannot repent, because I am not sufficiently ashamed of my sins. I do not feel my sinfulness enough.’

Seekers often gain the impression that they must be in deep distress about all their sins to ‘qualify’ for forgiveness, but the Lord does not actually ask for a painful degree of emotional anguish. As long as genuine regret, self-condemnation and hatred of sin are firmly in your head, you can sincerely repent. It is true that some seekers do feel an extremely deep sense of emotional sorrow when they first repent, but not all. Many who are genuinely repentant have a clear mental awareness of their sinfulness, but for them deeper feelings will come later. If you have been made aware of your lost and sinful condition, and you know you deserve condemnation, then turn to the Lord and repent. The Word of God tells us, ‘They shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn’ (Zechariah 12.10). In other words, as the seeker sincerely ­repents and trusts the Saviour, and as he realises how much the Lord suffered on Calvary to bear the agonising punishment of his sin (ie: as he looks upon the Lord Whom he has pierced), then often his feelings come more to life and his heart melts in shame and gratitude to Christ for what He has done.



1 ‘I cannot repent, because I am not sufficiently ashamed of my sins.’
2 ‘I wish I could repent, but sometimes my heart is too hard.’ 
3 ‘I cannot turn to Christ yet, because I am not good enough.’ 
4 ‘I have repeatedly prayed for salvation, but so far nothing seems to have happened.’ 
5 ‘I want to be a Christian, but I think the Christian life is too hard and I will have to give up too much.’
6 ‘I cannot repent and be converted because I have gone too far into sin.’ 
7 ‘I cannot find Christ because of my doubts, and because I cannot understand everything in the Bible.’ 
8 ‘I cannot trust the Gospel and turn to Christ, because the biblical way of salvation seems too easy.’ 
9 ‘I cannot be converted because I think I have left it too late.’ 
10 ‘I cannot be converted because I do not think that my prayers will be ­answered by God.’


How to Seek and Find the Lord

This is for people who want to find the Lord. The author shows that finding God is not a vague matter, for there is a definite way of salvation provided by God, and revealed in the Bible. Responding to this message leads to conversion - a great change which brings a person to know and relate to the living God.

ISBN 9781899046027

Also available in Spanish and Portuguese.


Baptism - The Picture and its Purpose

The Lord insists on baptism. Why? Here is the fourfold pictorial message of baptism intended by God for the believer, the church, and the world. And here also are the biblical reasons why baptism is for believers only, by immersion.

ISBN 9781899046010

Also available in Spanish.


Remember the Lord’s Day

Why was the sabbath day instituted by the Lord, and does it continue now as the Lord’s Day? If so, in what way has it changed with the coming of Christ? How should it be kept? This booklet responds to these and other questions, showing that the sabbath principle is still God’s will for believers today, and listing its purposes and blessings.

ISBN 9781899046324

Also available in Spanish.


Vanity of Vanities

Presents the experience of King Solomon, who experimented with every conceivable kind of pleasure, and concluded that life is pointless and predictable, unless people seek and find the Lord God, and know His power and guidance in their lives.

ISBN 9781899046133

Also available in Spanish and Portuguese.