Lessons for Teenagers

Acts 9.1-22

Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10.46-52)

The Feeding of the Five Thousand (Mark 6.31-44)

Jairus' Daughter (Mark 5.21-43)

The Stilling of the Storm (Mark 4.35-41)

Early Reactions to the Apostles Message (Acts)

Cornelius - the Roman Centurion (Acts 10)

The Ethiopian Chancellor (Acts 8.26-39)

Continuing Hostility for the Early Church (Acts 5.17 - 8.4)

Assured and Empowered (Acts 3 - 4.23)

Many Repent on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2)

The People of Jerusalem Go Back on their Vows (Nehemiah 13.4-31)

The Wall of Jerusalem Completed (Nehemiah 8 - 12)

Nehemiah Works On, Despite the Enemy's Schemes (Nehemiah 4-7)

Nehemiah's Desire to See Jerusalem Restored (Nehemiah 1-3)

Daniel remains unmoved by threats to throw him to the lions (Daniel 6)

Belshazzar Sees the Writing on the Wall (Daniel 5)

Nebuchadnezzar commands everyone to worship his image (Daniel 3-4)

Daniel Refuses the King's Food from Daniel 1