Welcome to the Online Sunday School

Although we cannot meet at Sunday School or Bible Class due to the coronavirus, there will be a new lesson for you to watch each week. Your teachers will keep in touch. We pray that the Lord will bless and keep you until we meet again.

You can find lessons and other resources for Deaf children and young people here.

This week's lessons
For younger children: Two Houses

Jesus' teaching from Matthew 7.24-27. 

Bible Learning Course Sheets
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For teenagers: Pride

Nebuchadnezzar commands everyone to worship his image (Daniel 3-4)

Bible Learning Course Sheet
Available for free download

Please do print the Bible Learning Course Sheet each week. Your teacher will be pleased to receive them once Sunday School and Bible Class resumes.

Last week's lessons
For younger children: The Two Roads

Jesus' Teaching from Matthew 7.13-14

For teenagers: Loyalty

Daniel Refuses the King's Food from Daniel 1