The Necessity of Sunday Schools

Author: Peter Masters & Malcolm H. Watts

Some evangelicals say that the Sunday School has no biblical warrant. Here is the reply to this idea.

Sunday Schools, when operated with vision, vigour and evangelistic purpose, achieve great things, and their distinctive virtues ought to be appreciated and extolled.

The Necessity of Sunday Schools

The Necessity of Sunday Schools offers invincible proof that the Bible sanctions and commands child evangelism of the kind represented by Sunday School outreach.

Like no other agency, Sunday Schools enable us to reach a large part of the rising generation, and draw children and teenagers to the Saviour,


An extract from this book

One of the great problems now assailing the ministry of Sunday Schools is that many churches are entertaining grave doubts about the biblical validity of this work. The very existence of the Sunday School is being questioned, and friends are asking – ‘Where is the scriptural warrant?’ Indeed, it is confidently asserted that children’s Sunday Schools are a human innovation.

However, the warrant for child evangelism, and therefore Sunday Schools, is explicit and strong.

Our supreme adoration of God’s character, together with the desire to express the fatherly image which we bear, leads us to be concerned for children, and especially for those in greatest spiritual deprivation. The basis of child evangelism or Sunday School outreach is nothing less than the wonderful fatherliness of our God, and the influence of the image stamped upon our own beings.  


The Necessity of Sunday Schools
1. The Unique Virtues of Sunday Schools
2. Why Have so Many Sunday Schools Closed?
3. Answering Today’s Objections
4. The Biblical Warrant for the Evangelisation of all Children
5. Five Binding Principles
6. A History of Evangelism of Children
7. How to Gather and Teach Them


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