Sermons on Galatians

Lightweight Believers Galatians 1.1-11
30 Jan 2011
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul is astonished to hear of genuine believers so quickly turning to the false teaching of 'Judaizers'. Here is his strong defence of justification by faith alone, and of the exclusive saving power of Calvary. Who are the Judaizers today?
6 Feb 2011
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Paul tells how God dealt directly with him, revealing the Gospel of faith - not works - and making him an apostle. His stand for truth (then against 'Judaizers') must be copied today. Here, also, is what it means to have Christ revealed in us.

Paul Reproves Peter Galatians 2.11
13 Feb 2011
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Peter believed in salvation by faith alone, but at Syrian Antioch he failed to stand up for the truth. Why did he err; and what was at stake? Here are glorious features of the true doctrine.

29 Jan 2017
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

The hindrance identified in the Bible is the inner reservoir of self-regard, the great 'I', that interferes with all taste, desires, aims, decisions and actions. Here is what we do not see of God, and here also is the transformation that conversion brings.

3 Apr 2015
Good Friday by Dr Peter Masters

The enduring amazement of Paul the Apostle shines through these famous words, urging us to explore and ponder the glorious Person of Christ and the way in which He 'gave Himself', or handed Himself over, to the work of redeeming His people.

The Cure of the Mind Galatians 2.20
6 Nov 2011
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here are famous words of Paul identifying our greatest problem of thinking and outlook. Life is all a matter of how we feel, want, like and need. We do not see our spiritual needs. Paul points to a far better life walking with God.
30 Jan 2011
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters
What is universally worshiped and served by everyone in every age, and why? Our greatest need is to be turned from this chief idol to the forgiveness, new life and eternal home that comes only from Christ the Lord.
Spiritual Naivety Galatians 3.1
14 Jul 2019
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Paul's appeal to the Galatians - shrewd independent thinkers - not to be entranced by the ancient heresy of salvation by works. How easily we, though able thinkers, succumb to the poor arguments of unbelief today! Here are the issues that should lead us to find the Lord. 

17 Mar 2013
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul expresses amazement at how many intelligent people are so easily duped into rejecting Christ, and mesmerised by vain hopes of fulfilment without God. Here are the traps, and their deceitful attractions. And here are the proven results of finding Christ and conversion.
20 Feb 2011
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Paul quotes Genesis about Abraham's belief being 'accounted to him for righteousness'. He does not mean that belief is accepted in lieu of righteousness; or that it assists justification. Here is the meaning. Also, how faith in Christ brings us into all the blessings promised to Abraham.