Sermons on Colossians

The New Life Colossians 1.4-8
4 Oct 2020
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Beginning an epistle of essential doctrines, objectives, conduct and spiritual joys in the converted life, Paul defines and extols five aspects of this new life: faith in Christ, love for the saints, anticipation of glory, assurance, and love in the Spirit.  Do we have these?

11 Oct 2020
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

In these verses Paul urges greater knowledge, not only of doctrine, but of God's ways, how He deals with us, and the lot of believers. Here we also learn about applying the Word, our aims in behaviour, and the power to obey and please God.

Fruits of Calvary Colossians 1.12
18 Oct 2020
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Three verses that present four distinctive aspects of the eternal accomplishments of Christ on Calvary, 1) our personal crucifixion with Him, 2) our deliverance from Satan's power, 3) our redemption and transfer into the kingdom, and 4) our purifying.  So great was the price paid!

The Great Escape Colossians 1.13
10 May 2015
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

The Bible teaches that before conversion to God we are like prisoners, except that we do not know it. We need to experience the freedom, reality and fulfilment that comes with the pardon of God. Here is the biblical picture of our 'captivity' and the way out.

17 Oct 2010
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters
God must accomplish conversion in a life, because we are in captivity to an earthly mindset and lifestyle. Conversion is a once-for-all experience, and here are its features, how it is illustrated in the Bible and how we should seek it.
25 Oct 2020
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Following aspects of the atonement, Paul turns to the magnificence of Christ, 1) His significance as image of the Father, 2). as forerunner and Creator of all, 3) as sovereign Head of the Church, and 4) as 'all fulness' - in which we may participate.

1 Nov 2020
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

In showing aspects of reconciliation the apostle extols the scope of Christ's redemptive work (including securing the external obedience of the angelic host), then the depth of our alienation, then the height of our elevation, and finally the sure sign of redemption.

Authentic Evangelism Colossians 1.24
8 Nov 2020
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Five verses draw together essential elements of all witness. Here is how Paul came to rejoice in the troubles of a proclaimer. Here also is his deep sense of responsibility for the Gospel, his estimation of Christ's priceless value, and his manner of persuading souls.

When Christ Enters In Colossians 1.27
10 Feb 2019
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Paul gives a unique definition of conversion as the entry of Christ into a life, and here is the explanation of what this means, how Christ's work in us is carried out, and how we are changed and enriched for life and eternity. 

When Christ Takes Over Colossians 1.27
31 Oct 2010
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Conversion is defined as 'Christ in you' - but just what does this mean? Before conversion what drives us? What goals 'possess' us? This is about how Christ takes over the soul and reigns in the life of the person who comes to Him.