Sermons on 2 Timothy

13 Sep 2017
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

Like daily prayer, Scripture reading, mortification of sin and good works, the stirring up and enlivening of God-given abilities is a regular duty not only for ministers such as Timothy, but for all believers. Here is the method of Paul.

10 Sep 2017
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Paul here names three elements of conversion to Christ: 'Power', describing the great change of life; 'love', describing all that Christ has done to secure pardon for us; and 'a sound mind', describing the clear view of God, of life and of eternity that conversion brings.

10 Aug 2014
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Gifts of God - aptitudes and endowments - given to believers for the testimony of Christ must frequently be stirred up; literally Paul says - rekindled. Here is how, and here also are the three great strengths which we have from the Spirit that enable us to do this.

The Spirit of Power 2 Timothy 1.7 & 12
28 Aug 2011
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul, in his final imprisonment, awaiting execution, tells of how Spirit-given power, love and safe-mentality sustains him, and what it means to believers to know Christ, and to commit to him all their earthly and eternal interests, with the ultimate day in view.
Personal Revelation 2 Timothy 1.10
17 Aug 2014
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Sublime concepts illustrated and explained:- 'Saved' (what from and what to?), 'Holy Calling', 'Grace' (and the sense in which this Old Testament concept was more wonderfully revealed through Christ), the full meaning of 'Abolished Death', 'Life' (its glorious features) and 'Immortality'. Here is our highest knowledge.

Experiencing Christ 2 Timothy 1.12
7 Sep 2014
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Whatever Paul suffers or surrenders for Christ, he is certain of spiritual and bodily triumph because he knows Christ. Here are the grounds of his certainty. Here also is what it means to deposit one's life, soul and eternal interests into the safekeeping of Christ the Saviour.

28 Sep 2014
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

A martial call to keep the Word despite continual pressure to sweep us off course. The superiority of God's Truth over human learning, and the need to defend not only the doctrines but the conduct they teach. Also, the vital practice of faith and love.

5 Oct 2014
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Paul's exhortation to be strong in grace is no mere general encouragement. It is the secret of his walk, and a necessity for us all. Here is the practice of constant dependence on Christ in every aspect of the life of churches and individual believers.

Our Manifesto 2 Timothy 2.2
31 Aug 2011
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

Ministry at the Tabernacle hardly ever refers to the church's own labours, but this message sets out vital aims of the seminary (LRBS) in the preparation of preachers and officers for the eight principal spiritual battles of our day. Here are the issues - so often not addressed in seminaries - that are testing and sifting Bible churches today.

12 Oct 2014
Teaching sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Timothy is to pass the Word to truly saved men, separated from the world, for the future. It is not only preachers who are to live as 'soldiers' but all believers, and here are the standards and conditions we accept for the love of Christ.