School of Theology 2019

The True Dynamism of the Local Church

A course for pastors, church planters, and all who pray and labour for instrumentality through the work of the Gospel in the local church.

The churches of Christ are increasingly being infiltrated by the mis-named ‘missional’ model of church organisation, that wilfully discards fundamental biblical obligations of Christian commitment, taking churches into deepening worldliness. A new generation is being beguiled by a wave of unscriptural innovations, making a stand for ­authentic ­evangelical life more vital than at any other time. We pray that many may be drawn to this year’s School of Theology to weigh and consider these issues.

This year key doctrines will be viewed through the lens of evangelical history, tracing how past worthies brought into clear focus the free ­offer of the Gospel and the true scriptural doctrines of the church.
Studies will include the strangely lost ‘core’ of evangelistic effort in the local church, also the structure and government of a true church, including the qualifications and aims of her office bearers, the grand objectives of a ‘working’ church, and the riches and protection of her worship.
Teatime workshop sessions this year will give opportunity to attend the Tabernacle Sunday School teachers’ and young people’s workers’ preparation course.
All this year’s topics contribute directly to the building up of the individual congregation as an organism for soul-­winning effectiveness, scriptural obedience and blessing in these perilous last times.

2019 - The True Dynamism of the Local Church

Dr David Beale
Professor of Historical Theology, Bob Jones University, USA
An Inspirational Survey of Persecuted Baptists of 17th-18th Centuries
Our guest overseas speaker will be Dr David Beale, for 35 years Professor of Historical Theology at Bob Jones University, USA, whose principal subject will be 'From Keach to Carey', the golden period of Baptist church expansion that saw the fall of hypercalvinism and the shaping and championing of the universal tender of salvation through Fuller, Sutcliff, Carey and others. Among reformed Baptists today more of their clarity and blessedness needs to be recovered.
From a Dead Calvinism to the Evangelistic Calvinism of Andrew Fuller and William Carey
Two daytime sessions.
Rev John Thackway
Pastor, Holywell Evangelical Church, Wales
Back to Scripture with Office Bearers and Church Structure (1)
A systematic overview of the office-bearing passages
Rev Thackway will provide in two addresses an overview of the office-bearing passages, including the qualifications, appointment, roles and characteristics of pastors, elders and deacons, and their immense value to the churches they serve.
Pastor Chris Hand
Pastor, Crich Baptist Church, Derbyshire
Back to Scripture with Office Bearers and Church Structure (2)
Pastoral passages for the biblical pattern for the local church
Pastor Hand will expound in two addresses the pastoral passages showing the pattern for the local church, its structure, organisation, duties before the Lord and towards its members, and its government, with attention to the historic pitfalls including those proliferating today.
Dr Nick Needham
Pastor of Inverness Reformed Baptist Church and lecturer in church history
Dramatic Historic Falls from Grace (1)
From Divine Revelation to Human Experience
Dr Nick Needham will bring two timely addresses, sounding an alert about the subtlety and swiftness of satanically-driven decline in the thinking and belief of evangelical churches once error enters in. The first of these will track the course of Friedrich Schleiermacher, a nineteenth-century theologian, who began as an evangelical but became 'the father of liberalism'. History repeats itself continuously.
Dramatic Historic Falls from Grace (2)
From Divine Revelation to Human Reason
Dr Needham's second address will be a case study of the Free Church of Scotland from its formation in 1843 as the most conservative-evangelical Calvinistic denomination in Scotland, to its collapse into liberalism in a single generation. 'Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.'
Dr Peter Masters
Pastor, Metropolitan Tabernacle
The Necessity of Dedicated, Persuasive Preaching
Dr Masters will present the biblical arguments in favour of regular evangelistic preaching as an essential and divinely central thread in ministry under the text 'Woe is unto me if I preach not the Gospel'.
The Kind of Praise God Requires
In a further two daytime addresses, Dr Masters will review the biblical reason for worship being kept distinctive and apart from worldly-entertainment genres of music (showing the absolute non moral-neutrality of music) and expose the myths of the modern justification of compromise.
Pastor Christopher Buss
Pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Ashford
The Loss of the Working Church and its Restoration (1)
A survey of the texts and how to honour them
Pastor Buss will examine a frequently-buried aspect of church life, yet so prominent in godly evangelicalism of the past, namely, the operation of the working church, viewing the church as an organisation of willing activity for the Lord. He will survey the texts and the means of honouring them within the voluntary principle.
Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Assistant Pastor, Metropolitan Tabernacle
The Loss of the Working Church and its Restoration (2)
A study of the working verbs of the New Testament
Pastor Ibrahim will expound the 'working' verbs that call all believers to contribute to the service of the church family. In an age when a false view of church liberty has taken so many believers out of commitment to the Lord's service, the working verbs cry out for renewed attention and reflection.
Afternoon Interval Sessions
Sunday School and Young People's Workers' Preparation Classes
Two sessions, each self-contained, covering the setting up of Sunday Schools and recruiting, the organisation of the Sunday School hour, the principles of teaching teens and younger children, the syllabus, supporting items (such as quizzes and prizes), safeguarding arrangements, and sample full lessons from both the Old and New Testaments. These will be presented by experienced leaders of the Tabernacle Schools. In past years these sessions have been filled to overflowing and very greatly appreciated.