School of Theology 2012

Living and Walking in the Holy Spirit

Studies in the Holy Spirit, and Sanctified Life and Service.

2012 - Living and Walking in the Holy Spirit

Dr Peter Masters
Pastor, Metropolitan Tabernacle
The Indwelling Spirit
Believers walking in the Holy Spirit are subject to various influences of Spirit - intimations and promptings - which require their response, such as stirrings of conscience, reminders of duties, concern for people, warnings and discernments, and surges of love and zeal for Christ.
The Indwelling Spirit (2)
Reviewing the right and wrong views of the Spirit's subjective influences and activities, showing how to avoid excesses, pietism, mysticism and charismatic revelations , while not suppressing the treasured and essential operations of the Spirit day by day.
Worship and Witness in the Spirit
The greatest enemy of truth and godliness at the present time is undoubtedly a new syncretism - the capitulation by many evangelicals to sinful worldly culture in worship, witness and personal living.
Worship and Witness in the Spirit (2)
Second address.
Rev John Thackway
Pastor, Holywell Evangelical Church, Wales
In Personal Relationships
The operation of the Holy Spirit in courtship and marriage, in contact with fellow believers, and other people in the spheres of work and education. His work in promoting awareness, graciousness, and witness as representatives of Christ the Lord.
The Holy Spirit in Troubles and Distresses
The Spirit's regulation of the trials and His comforts and assurances. The place and nature of chastening, and the Spirit's work in blessing to believers the promises of God and making Christ real, on the basis that He is the Comforter, and Christ is the comfort.
Pastor Christopher Buss
Pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Ashford
The Holy Spirit in Christ-Centred Speech
The monitoring and improvement of speech, by the help of the spirit, is stated in James 3.2 to be foundational to all holiness and crucial to the Lord's servants.
The Holy Spirit in Sensitivity and Usefulness
Many professing Christians are conspicuously sensitive to the needs of others, constantly disposed to help, and not just living for themselves. The Spirit builds character such as this, and sensitivity, if believers respond to Him, and this lecture tells how.
Pastor Jack Seaton
Pastor Emeritus, Inverness Reformed Baptist Church
The Holy Spirit's Objectives for Us
After salvation, the Holy Spirit proceeds (1) to instruct the mind, instilling standards and doctrines; (2) to plant and stir affections in the heart tot he love and obedience of Christ, and (3) to impart a pressing obligation and zeal to action in prayer, praise and service, particularly witness tot he Truth. Howe preaching should promote all these objectives.
The Holy Spirit's Objectives for Us (2)
Second address.
Pastor Roland Burrows
Pastor, Station Road Baptist Chapel, Cradley Heath, West Midlands
The Personal Spiritual Walk of Notable Preachers
The influence of the Holy Spirit in the personal lives of instruments of awakening, John and Charles Wesley and George Whitefield. The Spirit's work in revival is often presented, but not the conscious dependence on the Spirit of such preachers, and their relation to Him.
Pastor Chris Hand
Pastor, Crich Baptist Church, Derbyshire
Weighing Christian Rap/Hip-Hop
In recent times a highly significant line has been crossed even by reformed evangelicals in the adoption of this genre of music for teaching and outreach. This address shows the source, character and connections of this phenomenon to demonstrate its transgression of the biblical principles that should be applied to everything utilised by Christians, and its offensiveness to the Holy Spirit.
Weighing Christian Rap/Hip-Hop (2)
Second address.
Dr Ted Williams
Consultant in public health, and author
Who are the New Calvinists?
A review of the New Calvinism, a movement sweeping across churches in the USA and moving to the UK. Led by some of the biggest names in the evangelical world, it gives the appearance of doctrinal soundness, claiming to be based on the teachings of Calvin and Edwards. But closer examination reveals a different picture, the greatest problem being the importing of the new world into the church, putting no difference between the holy and the profane.
Who are the New Calvinists? (2)
Second address.