School of Theology 1979

Rare Messages from Dr William Hendriksen

The 1979 School of Theology – Exegetical & Homiletical Approaches to Biblical Books – was the fourth such conference at the Tabernacle, and we welcomed as keynote speaker the renowned New Testament commentator Dr William Hendriksen. At the time he was aged 79 and just completing his exceptional commentary on Romans. These surveys will greatly reward all who love the infallible Word of God.

Remarkably, Dr Hendriksen spoke entirely without notes, and for Bible quotations he translated the original Greek text into English while speaking.

1979 - Rare Messages from Dr William Hendriksen

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  1. A Look at Romans Dr William Hendriksen Audio
  2. Trust and Triumph in Philippians Dr William Hendriksen Audio
  3. Four Special Features of the Gospel of Luke Dr William Hendriksen Audio
  4. Revelation and its Climax Dr William Hendriksen Audio