William Hendriksen

Israel in Prophecy

For many years now this little book has been gold dust, being both rare and precious. Originally penned in the 1950s it presents the outstanding commentator’s answers to some of the most important questions for Bible students, namely:
Are the ‘restoration of the Jews’ promises being fulfilled today?
Is God finished with the Jews?
What is meant by Israel?
Are the blessings promised to Israel for the Jews or for the Church?
No other book gives the answers so plainly and scripturally as this, for Dr Hendriksen was truly a master of brief and crystal-clear reasoning. He shows that the promises of the Old Testament apply ultimately to the Church, but counsels understanding, appreciation and soul-winning zeal toward the Jews.


Half Hours with William Hendriksen - Stirring Devotional Surveys of Romans, Philippians, Luke and Revelation

Stirring, heart-warming devotional surveys from a renowned Bible commentator who excelled in ‘combining quality of scholarship with simplicity of expression’.

As great examples of ‘the art of taking sublime truths and helping people feel them in their hearts’, these surveys will greatly reward all who love the infallible Word of God.

A number of classic passages from Dr Hendriksen’s commentaries are also included, each one focusing on a different, important topic.


The Bible on the Life Hereafter

The very best short book on the afterlife, Heaven, the Lord’s return, and all related issues. It consists of numerous three or four-page chapters, each answering a common question such as, ‘Shall we know one another in Heaven?’ and, ‘What is the millennium?’ It is ideal also for giving to bereaved Christians.
Included is the most superb explanation of Revelation 20 to be found. This is a ‘model’ in communication from a master of the craft!
[Dr William Hendriksen (1900-1982) served for many years as a pastor and semin­ary professor, and is the author of one of the best-known series of NT commentaries.]