Andrew Owen

Not Hearers Only - A Practical Ministry for Deaf People in the Local Church

This is a manual designed to help church leaders and members understand the needs of Deaf adults and children and to reach out to them effectively. It contains much practical help and information, drawing from the authors experience in founding a work for Deaf people.

Andrew Owen is a Communication Support Worker, supporting Deaf students in 6th Forms, Colleges and Universities in London.He is the Founder-Secretary of the Association of Communication Support Workers.


One Among a Thousand - Interpreting in Christian Settings

'If there be a messenger with him, an interpreter, one among a thousand, to shew unto man his uprightness.' Job 33:23

Although there are many interpreters in Christian settings, often working as volunteers, there is very little in print to help them. This is therefore a must-read volume. A ground-breaking book, thought-provoking and encouraging.

The author demonstrates that the Bible offers:
 * A command to interpret in church
 * A model of a church interpreter
 * A church interpreter's code of ethics
 * A method for interpreting in church
 * A case-study on the attitudes and moral fortitude required of a church interpreter
 * A code of practice for church interpreting

Much practical help and assistance is gleaned for those interpreting spoken and signed languages. Counsel is also offered primarily for sign language interpreters for:
 * Interpreting the public reading of Scripture
 * Leading and interpreting traditional hymns
 * Interpreting through the medium of text.

Andrew Owen is a Communication Support Worker, working in London colleges and universities. He is responsible for the large Deaf Fellowship at the Metropolitan Tabernacle (Baptist Church) in central London and trains both spoken and sign language interpreters.

Publisher: Wakeman Trust
ISBN: 9781908919403
Pages: 266
Binding: Paperback


Signs of Life

This dictionary is for all who use British Sign Language (BSL) in Protestant churches. There are over 100 signs here and with glosses (other words that have the same sign) a vocabulary of over 250 words.

This is an important reference guide for Deaf people, BSL students and tutors, interpreters, preachers, parents of Deaf children and anyone with an interest in BSL and the church. Each sign has a written explanation of handshapes, location etc. and drawings of handshapes for clarity. Some information on how the signs are derived is included where applicable. Bible verses containing the words/signs are given in some instances to add context.



"You Are Deaf" - The Life of John Kitto

Written for Deaf readers and those for whom English is a second language. This illustrated biography traces the surprising and eventful life of John Kitto who lost his hearing in a childhood accident. Having travelled widely in missionary service he went on to write the best-selling volumes "The Pictorial Bible" and "Daily Bible Illustrations" and was given a grant from Queen Victoria's Civil List.

Publisher: Wakeman Trust
ISBN: 9781908919823
Pages: 102
Binding: Paperback