Worship in the Melting Pot

Peter Masters

New trends in worship have shaken traditional concepts and attitudes, giving rise to much heart-searching. Is it all just a matter of generation and taste? Are the traditions of today only the innovations of yesterday?

This lively and clearly reasoned book focuses on four crucial principles of worship laid down by Christ and strongly re-affirmed at the Reformation. These central pillars are rapidly passing out of sight today, yet it is surely by these that all new ideas should be assessed.

Here also is a fascinating view of how they worshipped in Bible times, including the Old Testament rules for the use of instruments, and New Testament light on all the elements of worship normative for today.

Extracts from this book
The 'Contemporary Christian music' style of worship has now captured countless congregations of every theological hue throughout the world, though not without many a battle. At times the controversy has become so heated it has been dubbed 'the worship wars'. As a rule the chief strategy employed by the advocates of new worship has been to reduce the entire debate to a matter of taste, style and generation.
Does evangelical worship reinvent itself every few decades by adopting new hymn and musical forms, controversial at first, but soon becoming the status quo? Yes, answer the glib advocates of new worship. But let any reader just visit the second-hand bookshop in town, and pick out old hymnbooks. It is remarkable how stable the worship scene has been over very many years. This is because the church of Christ has long had its very own culture of hymns and hymn tunes, formed to suit reverent, intelligent, heartfelt praise, and kept well apart from the world of profanity.
The important point about this book is that it shows how the nature and content of worship are directed by the Lord God Himself. They are therefore not to be controlled by circumstances of culture, taste or convenience, as is so often assumed today. Many have sought to throw old and new together into the "melting pot", thinking that in satisfying themselves and their congregations they will enrich their offering of praise. But our God is a consuming fire: whether in grace or in judgement, He 'shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto to the LORD an offering in righteousness" (Mal. 3.3) - English Churchman
Table of Contents
5. Let the Lord Define Worship
6. Brass, Strings and Percussion?
7. Services of Worship in the Bible
8. What Really Happened at Corinth?
9. Why Raised Hands?
10. When Hymns Were Born
11. Seven Standards for Worthy Hymns
12. A Gift Most Rare
13. Reverence Begins in the Place of Worship
14. Three Battles for the Soul of Evangelism
Appendix: Practical rules for Public Prayer
Author: Peter Masters
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