The Suffering Letters

C H Spurgeon

These remarkable letters, written from a suffering pastor to his congregation, abound in exhortations to godliness, zeal and prayer. They provide a unique insight into Spurgeon’s life, and into the fervent soul-winning activity which was, alongside the preaching, a leading feature of an historic Calvinistic church.

Notes on Spurgeon’s ministry set the letters in context, and several classic sermonettes written during sickness are included, along with 16 pages of colour pictures of original letters.

Table of Contents

The Suffering Letters of CH Spurgeon
Laid Aside - Why?
The Letters
Part 1: 1876-83
Part 2: 1884-90
Part 3: 1891-92 The Final Year
Article and Short Sermons
Preface to Spurgeon's Last Annual Volume of The Sword and the Trowel
Spurgeon's Last Close-of Year Message
Spurgeon's Last Opening-of-Year Message
The Seven Sneezes
Satan's Punctuality, Power and Purpose
The Numbered People
Appendix: The First 'Suffering Letter' 


Author CH Spurgeon [Hannah Wyncoll Annotations]
ISBN 9781870855600
Publisher Wakeman Trust
Pages 155