Sword & Trowel Booklets 

Selected Sword & Trowel articles have been adapted into booklet form for continued availability. 8 x 5.5in, full-colour graphic-art covers. Ideal for church bookstalls or personal use. The booklets are issued at no-profit ministry prices. Booklets and other selected Reformed literature can be purchased from the Tabernacle Bookshop.

Evangelistic Titles

ConscienceWhat You Should Know About Your Conscience by Dr Peter Masters
What is the mysterious faculty of conscience, and how does it function? What happens when it is abused, or attempts are made to reprogramme it? Can it cause psychosomatic illness? Here are all the vital facts, together with the only effective way of unburdening the hurting conscience.

The Rebellious YearsThe Rebellious Years by Dr Peter Masters
The Need for Self-Understanding, this booklet is intended to help readers from mid-teenage to late twenties to understand the source of the inner rebellion that urges us all away from God in the 'second quarter' of life. Do we understand this strong urge to independence and unbelief - this battle of mind and soul?

How to Seek and Find the LordHow to Seek and Find the Lord by Dr Peter Masters
Intended for seekers, this booklet shows that there is only one way of salvation, clearly defined and revealed by God in His Word. The kind of belief and attitude which brings a seeker to find and know the Lord is then explained.


Vanity of VanitiesVanity of Vanities by Dr Peter Masters
Presents the experience of King Solomon, who experimented with every conceivable kind of pleasure, and concluded that life is pointless and predictable, unless people seek and find the Lord God, and know His power and guidance in their lives.


A Seeker's ProblemsA Seeker’s Problems by Dr Peter Masters
This booklet answers ten problems encountered by serious seekers. These are not questions or doubts about the faith, but personal hindrances in approaching Christ, by faith. Many seekers have been helped by the advice given here.


Richard Dawkins' Fictional WorldRichard Dawkins' Fictional Word by Robin Compston
Richard Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion” has sold in millions, attacking the God of the Bible with a ferocity not seen since the heyday of aggressive communism. But these assaults contain numerous mistakes, as many noted reviewers have pointed out. In this brief and readable response, Robin Compston exposes with exceptional clarity major mistakes, and at the same time shows the reality and                              value of the faith under attack.

Christian Life Titles

Seven Certain SignsSeven Certain Signs of True Conversion by Dr Peter Masters
Are there recognisable signs that true conversion has occurred? How can seekers tell if God has worked in their hearts? Or how can Christian workers discern the spiritual standing of a seeker or inquirer? This is a guide to the marks of true conversion.


Your Reasonable Service in the Lord's Work by Dr Peter Masters
Your Reasonable ServiceIt is a sad fact that many Bible-believing Christians do not engage in any real service for the Lord. They loyally attend meetings for worship and ministry, and often give generous financial support, but they do very little. This booklet focuses on the strong terms of exhortation to Christian service found in the New Testament.

Should Christians Drink? by Dr Peter Masters
What are the biblical arguments which have convinced the majority of Bible believers during Should Christians Drink?the last two centuries that the Lord wants His people to abstain? Are alcoholic drinks right or wrong for a Christian? Why should something ‘right’ for Old Testament Israelites be ‘wrong’ for Christ’s church? What are the differences between the wines of Bible times and those of today? All who seek to honour Christ and be blessed in His service will want to consider the case set out in this booklet for abstinence.     

Christian StewardshipChristian Stewardship by Dr Peter Masters
This booklet presents biblical principles under a series of helpful headings. All the main questions about stewardship are answered, as the author draws Christians into the full blessing of belonging to the Lord.


BaptismBaptism - The Picture and its Purpose by Dr Peter Masters
The Lord insists on baptism. Why? Here is the fourfold pictorial message of baptism intended by God for the believer, the church, and the world. And here also are the biblical reasons why baptism is for believers only, by immersion.


The Power of Prayer Meetings by Dr Peter Masters
The Power of Prayer MeetingsWhy does the Lord want believers to pray together? Will an undersized prayer meeting really blight the work of a church? What form should the prayer meeting ideally take? What should be the style and content of prayer?


The Purposes of the Lord's SupperThe Purposes of the Lord's Supper by Dr Peter Masters
The Saviour calls His people to observe His Supper regularly. But do we have a clear awareness of all that the Lord's Supper means? Here are nine purposes behind the Lord's Supper, providing a rich basis for thought and prayer at the Table of the Lord.

Remember the Lord’s Day by Dr Peter Masters
Remember the Lord's DayWhy was the sabbath day instituted by the Lord, and does it continue now as the Lord’s Day? If so, in what way has it changed with the coming of Christ? How should it be kept? This booklet responds to these and other questions, showing that the sabbath principle is still God’s will for believers today, and listing its purposes and blessings.

Stand for the Truth by Dr Peter Masters
Stand for the TruthThis booklet gives the biblical arguments for separation from false teaching, and shows the positive value of this. Ten commonly-heard arguments in defence of 'inclusivism' (co-operating in Bible-denying denominations, or with false teachers in evangelism, etc) are answered.


The Goal of Brotherly Love by Dr Peter Masters
MAST95_1024x1024.jpgBrotherly love ‘is something far higher and deeper than church rambles and other organised friendship activities, useful as these may be,’ writes the author. The great goal is philadelphia love, a New Testament term indicating ‘a depth and tenacity of love equal to the love of a blood tie’. Here is an illuminating and searching treatment of a topic vital to the holiness and happiness of all Christians and churches.