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Sword & Trowel 2020, No.1
Biblical Roles of Men and Women
From Divine Revelation to Human Reason
Christ in All the Scriptures
News of Overseas Pastors

Sword & Trowel 2019, No.1
Joshua's Sixteen Resolutions
Duty Faith
Triumphs of the Church
News of Overseas Pastors

Sword & Trowel 2018, No.2
Seven Voices of Calvary
True Repentance for Believers
Why Did God Allow Sin?
Commodore of the Fleet
News of Overseas Pastors

Sword & Trowel 2018, No.1
Great Advances Sown by the Reformation
Long-Term Praying
Spurgeon's Sermon Notes
News of Overseas Pastors

Sword & Trowel 2017, No.1
The Dissolving of Doubts
Seeds of the Reformation
Disaster Relief Work in Sri Lanka and Nepal
A Visit to the Falkland Islands

Tabernacle Annual Thanksgiving Day

Sword & Trowel 2016, No.2
God's Parallel Covenants
The Evangelical Covenant of Moses
Sinai Not an Administration of the Covenant of Grace

Spurgeon's Sermon Notes

Sword & Trowel 2016, No.1

Remedies for Problems in Prayer
When God Commissions
Beware the Counsel of Gamaliel!
Returning to the Renovated Tabernacle in 1867

News of Overseas Pastors

Sword & Trowel 2015, No.1
Regeneration and Gospel Persuasion
The Garden of Eden
A Musician's Perspective on Contemporary Christian Worship
Christian Paradoxes
A Visit to Sri Lanka

Sword & Trowel 2014, No.2
Tabernacle Conversions in 1860
The Beginning of the World
The Memory
Sanctifying Power
News of Overseas Pastors

Sword & Trowel 2014, No.1
Ye are the Salt of the Earth
Spurgeon's Sermon Notes
The Pilgrim Concept
News of Overseas Pastors

Sword & Trowel 2013, No.2
The Pattern for the Church
The Immeasurable, Personal Love of Christ to His People
Update from Sri Lanka
When to Stand Apart

Sword & Trowel 2013, No. 1
Long-Term Resentment in the Young
Abandoning Separation from Biblical Error
Visit to Minsk, Belarus
Tabernacle Deaf Fellowship

Sword & Trowel 2012, No. 1
Mutual Debts in Marriage
Against Hastening to Remove from Our Post of Duty
Are There Gossips Among Us?
The Deep Things of God

Sword & Trowel 2011, No. 2
Proving that Charismatic Gifts have Ceased
Pioneering in Brazil
Guardian Angels
Humility Essential for Blessing

Sword & Trowel 2011, No. 1
Spiritual Joy: How it may be spoiled or increased
A Dressing-Down on Dressing Down
Privilege of the Help of the Holy Spirit
'Perilous Times'

Sword & Trowel 2010, No. 2
Blessing Amid Difficulties in St Lucia
'Seven Signs' in Persian (Farsi)
Benefits & Pitfalls of Expository Preaching
Relief Work in Haiti by Ron Pierre
Six Dynamic Principles for the Reviving of the Lord's Work

Sword & Trowel 2010, No. 1
The Saviour Always Prevails
Qualities for Christian Service
The Purpose of the Transfiguration

Sword & Trowel 2009, No. 2
How We Treat the Holy Spirit Within
The Significance of Karl Barth by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Islam: At War Within Itself by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo
The Biblical Duty of Separation

Sword & Trowel 2009, No. 1
The Merger of Calvinism with Worldliness
The Seven Pillars of Counselling
The Necessity & Justification for the Free Offer of the Gospel by Rev Malcolm Watts

Sword & Trowel 2008, No. 2
CH Spurgeon on the Current Financial Crisis
A Spiritual Growth Check - The Editor
Comfort for Tried Believers - CH Spurgeon
News of Overseas Pastors

Sword & Trowel 2008, No. 1
The Cycle of Grace - the Editor
How God Uses His People in Soulwinning - CH Spurgeon
The Companions of Paul - the Editor
Taking Care of Others - CH Spurgeon

Sword & Trowel 2007, No. 3
Infant Salvation - C H Spurgeon
Reformed Bible Conference in Port Harcourt - Pastor Christopher Buss
The Holy War - the Editor
Exercising a true Deliverance Ministry - the Editor

Sword & Trowel 2007, No. 2
The Clothing of Humility
New Tools for Outreach to Deaf People
Sincerity First and Foremost in the Christian Armour
Overseas Pastors’ News

Sword & Trowel 2007, No. 1
The Christian's Personal Struggle
Paul’s Positive Plan for Holiness
The True Nature of Islam - Dr Patrick Sookhdeo
CH Spurgeon as seen by TT Shields
Overseas Pastors’ News

Sword & Trowel 2006, No. 3
What Do We Look For in a Church? - David Fountain
Priorities in Presenting the Faith - Dr John Whitcomb
The Loss of a Faithful Servant - the Editor
With booklet - A SEEKER'S PROBLEMS by Peter Masters

Sword & Trowel 2006, No. 2
Tracing our Spiritual Roots - C. H. Spurgeon
The Old Testament Land Promises - Dr Robert Reymond
Mind over Matters
News of Overseas Pastors

Sword & Trowel 2006, No. 1
The 'New Evangelicalism' - Dr John Whitcomb
The Stem Cell Race
EU to Criminalise 'Homophobia'
Young Christians in the Red Army
Creation in Six Days - Dr John Whitcomb

Sword & Trowel 2005, No. 3
Remember the Sabbath Day - the Editor
John Calvin's Counsel
Did Adam need the Sabbath? - the Editor
The Winter Campaign - C H Spurgeon
News of Overseas National Pastors