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Teaching service

Christian Workers' Ethics

Titus 2.9-10
Gospel service

The Problem of The Heart

Ezekiel 36.26
Teaching service

Christ Reveals Calvary

John 6.40

About a year before Calvary, the Lord preached at Capernaum promises of eternal life to all who received His bodily work for sinners. They would, He said, be 'drawn' by the irresistible grace of God to find true and living union with Him.

Gospel service

A Miracle of Believing

John 4.46-53
Teaching service

Earthly or Heavenly Salvation?

John 6.27

The discourse of the Saviour to followers who sought a political rather than a spiritual salvation. Here is His presentation of His divinity, His life-giving work, His salvation promises, and His explanation of the Father's preparatory work in the hearts of those who believe. 

Gospel service

Motives for Believing

Mark 4.23

Christ's parable illustrated spiritual truths marvellously, riveting minds, but they required thought, or the meaning would remain obscure. Here are the motives that would lead hearers to the meaning (both then and now) and to obtaining pardon and new life from Christ the Saviour.