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Ye serve the Lord

Colossians 3.24
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Glory For Sinners

Hebrews 2.10
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Portrait of Paul

1 Thessalonians 3.1

Reflected in this letter is the apostle's deep concern for believers, and his sacrificial spirit. Also we see his acceptance of hardship for Christ, his great priority of building faith and trust in believers, his prayerfulness and his teaching on separation from the world.

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The Limitation of Life

Psalm 115.2

- Especially if God is set aside. The limitation of idols listed in this Psalm apply to the idol of today - materialistic atheism. Lacking voice, vision and hearing it has no explanation of life's purpose, no help and no power. The Gospel of Christ is the opposite.

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Joy in Fruitbearing

1 Thessalonians 2.14

Of all the marks of conversion the apostle's crowning sign here is readiness to suffer in the course of witness. Also, he refers to Satan's hindrances (here are today's), and to the immense joy of relating to converts (our wreath of glory) both now and eternally.

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Spiritually Alive or Dead?

Ephesians 2.1

Paul's racing analysis of the human condition before God - the extent of our spiritual lifelessness and its consequences, set alongside the astonishing power and love of Christ in the conversion of innumerable individuals, and their new lives. Here is conversion - truly a raising from the dead.