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The Secret of Steadfastness

2 Peter 3.17

The closing admonition of the epistle is a stirring appeal for vigilance in keeping our souls, coupled with a plea for lifelong growth in the gifts given at conversion, and consciousness of Christ's love. Here is what these are, and how they should deepen.

Teaching service

Living In Peace

2 Peter 3.14

The apostle urges growing union with the Lord and inner peace by keeping in view the day of the Lord, reflecting on the reason for Christ's delay – the salvation of the redeemed – and by building knowledge and stability in the Word of God.

Gospel service

The Humbling Analogy

John 10.11

Our pride instinctively recoils from being depicted in the Bible as sheep, but it is a profound and challenging depiction that enables us to see the depth of our spiritual need, and the costly and glorious work of Christ, the shepherd of lost souls.

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Let No Man Beguile You

Colossians 2.4
Gospel service

Seek the Lord and live

Amos 5.4
Teaching service

The Day of the Lord

2 Peter 3.8

'One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.' Reflection on God's view of time, the certainty of final dissolution of all things, and the believer's duty to look for that day and shun materialism.