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Teaching service

Abraham's Faith in Christ

Genesis 15.1-6
Gospel service

The Mission of The Messiah

Luke 4.18-19
Teaching service

Joseph's Brothers - the Agony of a Guilty Conscience

Genesis 42.25-38
Gospel service

From a Man of the World to a Man of God

Luke 19.1-10
Teaching service

Grades of Belief

John 8.13

In a vast temple court, the Lord declares Himself the light of the world, but the Pharisees reject His divinity. Here, He reasons with them, giving a solemn warning. The shallow belief of some of them urges us to be sure of genuine conversion.

Gospel service

Things Man Cannot Do, Without Christ

John 15.5

Mankind has been enabled by the Creator to accomplish many things, but without Christ we cannot see, taste or know spiritual realities, overcome flaws and sins, be reconciled with God, know deep purpose and happiness, or have eternal life. Here is how we find Christ.