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Heavenly Mindedness

Colossians 3.1
Gospel service

A Tale of Two Lives

Matthew 7.24
Teaching service

'Abide In Me' - The True Meaning

John 15.1

Union with Christ is the greatest imaginable privilege of the redeemed, and vital for progress in sanctification and usefulness to the Lord. But what exactly does it mean to abide in Christ, and to allow Him to abide in us? Here are biblical directions.

Gospel service

The Only Gate To Life

Matthew 7.13
Teaching service

Our Life as an Offering

Romans 12.1

Paul's powerful challenge to all believers to offer up their lives constantly as a living sacrifice. The need for sacrifice today; what it includes, and also what it is not. The value of this precious concept and its benefits to us spiritually.

Gospel service

The Value of Our Life

Psalm 39.4

King David, a man of immense ability naturally, tells from experience of the journey from self-confidence and self-satisfaction to being humbled to see his vital need of God, and going on to seek and find a life-changing relationship with Him.