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Gospel service

Life In The Son of God

1 John 5.12
Teaching service

The Forerunner Bows to Christ

John 3.32

Here is the exemplary modesty of the Baptist in yielding the crowd to Christ, and his exalting of Christ's divinity. Also, we see how crowds desired baptism without deep belief, explaining why John's Gospel emphasises belief in Christ's redeeming purpose (which leads to repentance).

Gospel service

Conversion By Stages

Luke 5.8

Conversion to Christ may take place in a moment, but more often we discover what it means to find Him by stages. Here is the experience of Simon Peter, tracing his phases of reluctance up to the great moment of genuine faith. 

Teaching service

The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Galatians 6.14
Gospel service

A Steadfast Anchor For The Soul

Joshua 20.1-9
Bible Study

Deepening Our Love for the Lord

John 14.15

Love for Christ is constantly eroded by other concerns, and by salvation and blessing being taken for granted. Here scriptures show how admiration is maintained together with indebtedness, Christ-likeness and trust in Him. These deepen love. Here also is discerning love - the vital kind.