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The Mystery Unlocked

Colossians 1.25-26
Gospel service

The Soul's Interview with God

Amos 4.12
Teaching service

The Amazing Day

John 20.24

The day of Christ's resurrection which transformed the disciples, except for Thomas. Here are the reasons for his cynicism, swept away by his seeing the Lord. Here also is the promised blessedness of Gospel age believers, when signs would give way to faith alone.

Gospel service

Outside or Inside the Kingdom?

Job 21.14

So often people seem to have no inclination whatsoever to know about God, or what His plans may be. Here is why this is, and how much we miss, if this is our case, and what lies ahead if we do not find Him.

Good Friday

Christ at Golgotha

Matthew 27.20

Matthew's atonement account provides a seamless overview. Here are: the rejection of Christ that ended the era of Jewish privilege, the cruelties inflicted, the uttered scorn, the three hours of darkness (and its significance) up to the Lord's voluntarily yielding up of life for the redeemed.

Bible Study

Saved Sinners Press On

Colossians 1.23-24