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Barnabas, the Son of Consolation

Acts 4.31
Gospel service

Promises For Seekers

John 6.37
Teaching service

Fellowship With God

1 John 1.1

John looks back sixty years recalling with amazement how the apostles listened to Christ, and watched Him through His earthly ministry, constantly convinced of His redeeming work, and by the wonder of personal fellowship with God. Here is the basis and joy of such fellowship.

Gospel service

Is The Soul Alive or Dead?

2 Timothy 1.7

Paul here names three elements of conversion to Christ: 'Power', describing the great change of life; 'love', describing all that Christ has done to secure pardon for us; and 'a sound mind', describing the clear view of God, of life and of eternity that conversion brings.

Teaching service

Pressed by Christ's Love

2 Corinthians 5.14

The apostle explains his persistence in service, however arduous, as being driven by Christ's love to him, showing how the power of that love comes from reflecting on it. Here are the elements that awaken and compel our souls, proving also that new life is within. 

Gospel service

The Concept of Eternal Life

2 Corinthians 5.1

Paul outlines the teaching that runs through the Bible about Heaven, showing the way to be accepted by God and also the way God confirms to those who believe in Him that they possess everlasting life. There is surely no greater knowledge than this.