School of Theology 2017

Our Glorious Reformation Legacy - 500th Anniversary

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The Reformation was without doubt the greatest event in history since the birth of the Christian church. By it Almighty God brought about extraordinary revival that spread through Europe, unparalleled doctrinal rediscovery, and a fresh calling-out of His people from both false religion and this world’s fallen culture.
The Reformation set vast numbers on the road to Heaven and holiness, forged the character of believing churches for centuries to come, and provided a faith-inspiring example of God’s powerful method of working through the proclamation of the Word and prayer alone. The ecumenical movement, including Rome, Anglicans and all other mainline denominations are commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation as a time for reconciliation, claiming in deceptive language that all parties now share the same objectives and beliefs, when their real view is that the Reformation was a tragic mistake, that gave rise to centuries of sinful and stubborn separation.*
This year’s School of Theology presented by contrast the immense glories and achievements of the Reformation in order to inspire and galvanize true Gospel work in line with God’s own directions. It showed the loss of the ethos of the Reformation that occurs when evangelicals adopt the ‘clothing’ of the world in their life, worship and methods.
This year’s afternoon interval sessions heard from experienced pastors in India and Eastern Europe engaged in church planting and major translation projects.

42nd annual School for pastors, Christian workers and all who seek to promote a biblical, committed style of life and service.

2017 - Our Glorious Reformation Legacy

Dr Vishal Mangalwadi
Author, Christian Philosopher and Social Reformer
How the Reformation Shaped Our World (1)
Known best among Christians in this land for his remarkable bestselling volume – The Book That Made Your World – Dr Mangalwadi speaks compellingly throughout the world on the means by which the Bible brought about Western values, morality, rationality, human dignity, education, pursuit of science, democracy, and other benefits, now taken for granted. The first of three addresses on how the Reformation shaped our world and thinking.
How the Reformation Shaped Our World (2)
The second of three addresses
How the Reformation Shaped Our World (3)
The final of three addresses
Pastor Roland Burrows
Pastor, Station Road Baptist Chapel, Cradley Heath, West Midlands
The Drama of the Reformation (1)
The Reformation was not accomplished by human power or might but by the Spirit working through penniless, low-ranking, unknown clerics. In the Reformation we see God demonstrating His chosen manner of saving souls, stamping it upon history to be relearned in every age.
The Drama of the Reformation (2)
The second of two addresses
Rev John Thackway
Pastor, Holywell Evangelical Church, Wales
Scripture Only
A Definition With Counsels For Today
Rome is ruled by pope and tradition; the Church of England changes and corrupts moral values by Synod, while a true Reformation tradition must uphold and apply the authority of the Word alone in everything. This address will show how.
True Faith and Its Effects
Concepts That Shook the World
The rediscovery of justification by faith brought vast numbers to Christ, but it is still denied (by mis-definition) in Catholicism, and diluted to extinction in much modern evangelicalism by inadequate views of sin and repentance. This address will focus on ‘Reformation’ faith and its exercise.
Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Assistant Pastor, Metropolitan Tabernacle
The Priesthood of All Believers (1)
This was the Reformation doctrine most shattering to the priests of Rome, for it took away their status and their living (just as it had taken the priesthood from the Jews at the dawn of the church). The priesthood of all believers conveys to Christians sublime privileges and also solemn obligations. It is the basis of both public and personal access to God, and also of participation in Christian service by all His people. The first of two addresses.
The Priesthood of All Believers (2)
The second of two addresses
Dr Peter Masters
Pastor, Metropolitan Tabernacle
Reformations in the Bible (1)
The Bible is a book of ‘reformations’ from beginning to end. One of the great cables or themes running through its narratives is the calling out of the world of the people of God, their (repeated) re-absorption over time by the wiles of the devil, and their victorious reclamations as a distinctive people. The first of three addresses.

This address is now available to watch or listen here

Reformations in the Bible (2)
The second of three addresses
Reformations in the Bible (3)
The final of three addresses
Dr Nick Needham
Pastor of Inverness Reformed Baptist Church and lecturer in church history
Seeds of the Reformation
God’s preparatory events and messengers that paved the way for the momentous struggle of the Reformation, clearly showing the hand of the divine architect in breaking the vice-like grip of Catholic thought in the lives of the masses.
Seeds Sown by the Reformation
It is not widely known that Martin Luther as early as the 1520s propounded local church autonomy, a regenerate church membership and congregational government by consent. Here are some of the crucial ‘seeds’ not then implemented but articulated for future, ongoing reformation.
The Two Kingdoms
The emerging Reformation concept of the separateness of the church from the state is blurred today not only in church government (such as the Church of England), but also at another level by the fusion of the lifestyle of the world with the practices of Bible-believing ­churches. This address will trace developing Reformation convictions about the biblical distinctiveness of Christ’s church.
Dr David Elangovan
Pastor, South India
Church Planting and Translation in India
Dr David Elangovan has founded churches in the Kolli Hills and the city of Salem, Tamil Nadu, alongside medical clinics, and has now also taken up oversight of a Tamil translation project for South India and Sri Lanka. He will outline his work and goals.
Pastor Miki Chiciudean
Pastor, Budapest Hungary
Review of Reformed Witness in Eastern Europe
Pastor Miki Chiciudean has pioneered churches in Romania and now in Budapest, Hungary, where his fellowship has premises in the heart of the city. He has accomplished the translation of many books and booklets and maintains an extensive reformed website. In this session he will review reformed witness in Eastern Europe.