Seminars 2014-15

October 2014

Dr Masters, Pastor, Metropolitan Tabernacle
The biblical concept of the local church, its scriptural policy and ideals, its labours, its ministry and government, its officers and their appointment and functions, common church problems, their causes and solutions.

Pastor Roger Brazier, Edmonton Baptist Chapel, London
A survey of Jeremiah – with special attention to principal themes and applications for preaching.

November 2014

Dr James Grier, Former Dean of Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, USA, called home in 2013
The glorious doctrine of the Trinity – and its implications for all doctrine and Christian living. [Lecture given in 2010]

Dr Masters
A compendium of evangelistic arguments and illustrations – in Ecclesiastes a great range of illustrated ideas for seeking salvation are presented, all of them frequently preached by the worthies of more evangelistic days, but now virtually unknown.

December 2014

Dr Masters
The regulative and normative principles, and the biblical limits imposed on ‘contextualisation’ (i.e. what are the biblical rules for discerning whether any commanded duty is permanently binding, or applicable only to Bible times?)

Pastor Christopher Buss, Mt Zion Baptist Church, Ashford 
A survey of Ezekiel – with special attention to principal themes and applications for preaching.

January 2015

Dr Masters
Subjective spiritual experience in the Christian life correctly understood and pursued (pastoral teaching stands or falls on this issue), together with the quest for divine guidance in the major turning points of life.

Rev John Thackway, Holywell Evangelical Church, North Wales
A survey of Psalms – with special attention to principal themes and applications for preaching.

February 2015

Dr Masters
Preparatory stages of biblical exposition for teaching ministry, with special reference to parallelism, sensus plenior, and dual or multiple senses in prophecy. Twenty-one steps for message-preparation.

Pastor Roland Burrows, Cradley Heath, West Midlands, Ebenezer Baptist Chapel
A survey of Ephesians – with special attention to principal themes and applications. 

March 2015

Dr Masters
Teaching biblical standards and spiritual rewards, concerning family life, materialism and leisure, avoiding legalism on the one hand, and worldliness on the other.

Pastor Jack Seaton, Pastor Emeritus, Inverness Reformed Baptist Church     
A survey of Numbers – with special attention to principal themes and applications.  

Dr E S Williams, former consultant in Public Health and author 
The psycho-secular model of depression contrasted with the biblical view, and response.

May 2015

Dr Masters
Principles of biblical interpretation – a brief overview of the new, deeply flawed methods that have caught hold in evangelical seminaries and books, contrasted with the old ways of the Reformation tradition.

Pastor Roger Brazier
The role of women in the church

Pastor Christopher Buss
An agenda for the prayer life of a pastor

June 2015

Dr Masters
Puritan evangelistic remonstration – a review of the numerous lines of argument and encouragement used in Puritan evangelistic sermons and tracts, addressed directly to both unbelieving and seeking people.

Pastor Chris Hand, Crich Baptist Church, Derbyshire
A survey of Philippians – with special attention to principal themes and applications.

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